Cookies Policy
Cookies Policy

It is possible that at times we will use a technology known as “cookies” for the purpose of providing a series of contents and/or services in a more personalised way. A “cookie” is a small data element that a web site sends to the user’s web browser program.

In turn, this element can be stored on the computer’s hard disc so that it can recognise when it returns to our web site. In any case, there is always the option of the user specifying in the program preferences of the browser that they want notification before accepting any  “cookie”.

The data that will be stored in each “cookie” are as follow: language, date and time of the last time the user visited our web, design of the contents that the user chose in their first visit to our web and security elements which are involved in the control of access to restricted areas.

The cookies used by this web page are:

By source

• Own Cookies: sent and controlled by our web page.
• Cookies from third parties: sent and controlled by a third party, not part of our company, anonymously, for the purpose of making statistical survey of visits to our web site.

By purpose

• Technical and/or personalisation cookies: to facilitate navigation by identifying the session.
• Cookies of analysis: allow us to know the number of visits received from the different sections of our web site, the habits and trends of the users, and consequently, to be able to improve the navigation (basically using Google Analytics). It gathers data anonymously in order to obtain user navigation profiles.

By duration

• Session cookies: collect and store data while the user is accessing the web page.
• Persistent cookies: collect and store data on the user’s terminal during a variable period of time depending on the purpose they have been used for. The time the cookies are kept will depend on the type and will always be the minimum time absolutely necessary for fulfilling their purpose.

Furthermore, from this web site we study the preferences of our users (demographic features, patterns of traffic and other information in general to help understand the behaviour and profile of our users). The tracking of the preferences of our users helps us to improve our web page as well as our services.

You can set up your browser to block the storage of cookies on your computer.

To deactivate cookies from the browsers you can find information about how to do it here if you use this web browser:

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