Why film in La Rioja?
Why film in La Rioja?

Tax incentives
The country has a tax incentive for international filmmaking in the form of a 20% tax rebate. We also offer incentives to domestic films or grants affecting co-productions.
Low production costs
Low production costs compared to other Autonomous Regions, in particular with regard to overnight stays and meals, locations, transport and travel, as well as specialist locales, extras and hire of equipment.
More than 300 to discover. Conserved historical heritage sites, vineyards in all 4 seasons, over 600 wine cellars, special roads, urban design…

La Rioja offers a wide variety of hotels, country cottages and apartments available in all its zones, with a level of quality to meet your demands. In the capital alone there are over 2,000 beds in its various hotels, 5 of them with 4-star rating.
Strategic position
Near cities such as  Bilbao (1 and a half hours), Zaragoza (1 and a half hours), Pamplona (45 minutes), Burgos (1 hour), Soria (2 hours), San Sebastián (2 hours), Santander (2 hours), Madrid (3 and  a half hours) and Barcelona (4 hours). 4 international airports less than an hour and  a half from the Riojan capital.
The northern part, the valley, has a Mediterranean climate and the southern part, more mountainous, wetter and Continental in character. The summers are dry and hot. Winter temperatures are moderate to cold and during this season the snow-covered places offer unique locations.