How can we help you?
How can we help you?

This web is a tool for the players involved in a film shoot (cinema, TV and publicity producers, location hunters…) can evaluate La Rioja as a future location. We offer the possibility of seeing La Rioja through our location dossier..
Through our production guide we also show the specialist companies and professionals of our region. And we provide the information necessary to make the film making experience totally satisfactory.

Help and guidance in finding locations and post production.
We provide a series of pictures of locations which help you in your search for the best spaces for shooting your film. We will assist and accompany you in the search of the ideal location. And of course, we will constantly update and widen the scope of our dossier.
Information and advice on accommodation and catering.
La Rioja has a varied choice of hotels, country cottages and apartments available in all its areas, with the right level of quality for your needs. The capital, Logroño, alone has 2,000 beds in its various hotels, 5 of them with 4 star rating. We know all the options and we can inform you about the options which best suit the needs of your film shoot.
Without doubt, La Rioja is also renowned for its excellent and varied cuisine and wide choice of restaurants.
In both sectors, accommodation and catering we can help you to get special offers.
Help with promotion.
Help with promotion and support from the local media. Press conferences about the presentation of the collaboration, and/or the start of filming as well as, afterwards, a press conference for the presentation and release of the film. We will summon the media for you if necessary.
Coordination with other institutions and bodies of interest in the procedures for getting permits.
LRFC will process the application for permission to film in the public spaces of La Rioja.
If the filming is to take place in public property managed by the Government of La Rioja, we will make applications for the corresponding permits.
If it is municipal property, LRFC will facilitate contacts and advise you about obtaining permits.
If it is private property, we will orientate you about how to contact the owners or those responsible.
Support for the producer during the time of the filming.
All the production companies which so desire can call on the services of at least one of our technicians during filming of the production, in order to advise the team and/or resolve any problem which may arise. This service is totally free and voluntary.
I want to shoot in La Rioja.
We offer you all the documentation to apply for permission to film in La Rioja.
We provide all the information necessary
to make the experience of filming
totally satisfactory.
Conditions for
Collaboration with La Rioja Film
We help and deal with
your enquiries.