La Rioja Film Commission
La Rioja Film Commission

La Rioja Film Commission is a film management organisation created in 2018 by the Government of La Rioja and managed by La Rioja Turismo. Its main aim is to promote La Rioja as a place to make films and to support companies and professionals from the audio-visual industry in the logistics of their projects. From now on,  professionals (photographers, publicists, producers, location hunters…) who choose la rioja as a destination for their project can call on the free services of information, advice, optimisation of resources and applications for authorisation.
La Rioja Film Commission will act as link between the Government of La Rioja, public and private authorities and the audio-visual industry.

La Rioja offers countless attractions making it the ideal film set. It is the smallest region in Spain, but within its territory there are hidden spots and landscapes which are typical of an entire continent. With every step, you will change worlds without leaving this land. It has a bit of the Mediterranean, a paradise of vineyards; a large part enjoys a continental climate; some parts Alpine, crowning the snow-capped mountain ranges in winter and a deep dry region which creates lunar landscapes.

Situated in the north of Spain, la rioja borders 4 different autonomous regions, making it a strategic situation. There are over 1,500 kms of roads, of which 200 kms are motorways, providing a level of total accessibility so as to change scenes in half an hour at the most..
The domestic Logroño-Agoncillo airport 10 minutes from the regional capital, international flights from Bilbao and Zaragoza little more than an hour away by road, and with rail connections with Madrid and Barcelona, la rioja is well connected with the rest of the world.
The region also has plenty of hotel accommodation for all tastes and needs. The capital, Logroño, alone has 2,000 beds in its various hotels, 5 of them with 4 star rating.

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