Aim of the La Rioja Film Commission:

  • To support national and international producers from the audio-visual industry in the logistics of their productions.
  • Moreover, to promote our Region and the quality and competitiveness of the rioja audio-visual sector nationally and  internationally. To do so it must make it aware of the importance of being  competitive in both quality and the costs of the services they offer.


La Rioja Film Commission (LRFC) offer the following services:

  • Information about possible locations in La Rioja and the proposal of professional location scouts registered in La Rioja.
  • Service of liaison and coordination with the audio-visual industry.
  • Liaison and coordination between the Autonomous Region, production companies and the state, regional, provincial and local public authorities.
  • The Film Commission offers its services on a not for profit basis. If any expenses are incurred by the La Rioja Film Commission in performing their services, these will be passed on to the production company which requested them.
  • Logistics of production: accommodation, catering for the staff of the production company, car hire, etc.
  • Reservations: La Rioja Film Commission offers information about the tourism infrastructure, hotel accommodation,  restaurants, car hire, etc. through the sending of the corresponding lists. Booking arrangements are the responsibility of the production company.


Translation and interpreting services:

  • If a specific translation or interpreting service is requested, LRFC will provide a contact with translation and interpreting companies, without involving themselves in the contracting or the business relationship between the parties.


Production support:

  • LRFC does not have its own funding to help production companies. However, it should give information about public subsidies available for the sector.
  • LRFC is performing a role of raising awareness among service providers and the public authorities (signing agreements), aimed at obtaining discounts and special offers for  production companies from the audio-visual industry in order to attract major  financial repercussions to our region.


Use of private properties for film making:

  • LRFC will offer information to the national or international production company regarding private properties which may be hired for recording audio-visual productions, as well as  the professional bodies which offer this type of service.
  • LRFC is not responsible for the results of the mercantile relationship between production companies and private owners.


Legal Claims:

In the event of legal claims,  LRFC will provide the national or international production company with  the details of specialists in audio-visual laws, registered in La Rioja, but shall at no time be able to act as such. At the express request of the interested parties it may mediate in order to achieve an amicable settlement.

One of the aims of the LRFC is to serve as the link between government authorities and the audio-visual industry so as to facilitate audio-visual projects being undertaken in the Autonomous Region.



LRFC requests after the  collaboration:

  • On-screen credits for LA RIOJA FILM COMMISSION.
  • The donation, once the production has been completed, of:
    • A video copy of the work produced.
    • A list of the technical, creative and production staff.
    • Photographs and publicity  material from the production.
    • A breakdown of the expenses incurred by your project in our Autonomous Region.


Data Protection

In compliance with current legislation, data provided in connection with the various activities of  LA RIOJA FILM COMMISSION (LA RIOJA 360 GRADOS AVANZA, SOCIEDAD DE PROMOCIÓN DE LA RIOJA S.A.U.) will be treated by the person(s) responsible for processing in accordance with the purposes and legal basis describe din each form for gathering data.

Personal data will be treated with due confidentiality and the corresponding security measures will be applied to the different processes performed so as to avoid placing at risk the personal privacy of  people .

More information regarding treatment of data in the Privacy Policy at